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Dr. Don Abel, President and CEO of Lowrider LLC., and Utility Patent Issued with 20 Exclusive Claims for the SneakerSkate and the RollerShoe will introduce as not only a business opportunity but an opportunity to create a subculture industry that rivals skateboarding.


Conventional roller skates will be put in the attic along with the VHS and 8 track tapes.  The Low Profile design will give everyone an enjoyable new leisure time activity. The roller skating industry has declined since the disco 70’s. The low profile SneakerSkate is easy to master and will revolutionize the roller rink industry. Skateboarding is predominantly comprised of a 18-24 year old males. SneakerSkates  will be enjoyed by both male and female from age 6-60.


The SneakerSkates and RollerShoe potential for universal acceptance is a result of their low profile design and very soft learning curve.


 The Coup de Gra


The world will discover the Patented Magnetic Walking Sole converting the SneakerSkate into a walking shoe. It is a natural for any college campus, large and manufacturing center, large government complexes, security in mega malls and also transportation from Metro to Starbucks for morning start.


-  S C R O L L   D O W N  -


Low Profile Suspension System

Utility Patent Issued With 20 Exclusive Claims

Traditional Roller skates will be put in the attic with the 8 Track

tape, VHS movie format, and the Polaroid Camera.

Traditional Roller skates are designed to immobilize the ankle

and restrict the movement of the foot. This is

necessary due to the location of the wheels under the foot

creating a high center of gravity. The unstable high center of

gravity and immobilization of the ankle increases the

difficulty in mastering, resulting in a very steep learning curve.


The location of the wheels and the unique offset and

dropped axle design of the LOWRIDER overcomes the

problems created by the original design. The offset axle

design increases tactile sensitivity and improves the

performance of the skater. The dropped axle feature lowers

the center of gravity and insures stability and softens the

learning curve and greatly increases the activities that can

be enjoyed with the LOWRIDER designed Sneakerskates.

These innovations will change the demographics of

traditional  roller  skating  and  roller blading  from a few well

coordinated  males 17 to 21 years of age, to both male and

female 6 to 60 years of age.

Traditional Roller skates will be put in the attic

with the 8 Track tape, VHS movie format, and the Polaroid Camera.

-  S C R O L L   D O W N  -


Hoosier Cuban Design

(Utility Patent Issued With 20 Exclusive Claims )

Magnetic Walking Sole Conversion System


Low Profile Suspension System

(Utility Patent Issued With 20 Exclusive Claims)

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